Exact Macola 10

At Exact Software founded in 1984, we believe in Business Unified™ - being a leading provider of solutions that connect the people, processes and knowledge essential to an efficient, competitive business. Exact’s integrated solutions encompass executive control, accounting, manufacturing, distribution, online commerce, CRM, HRM, document management, Web portals, workflow and more, empowering collaboration among employees, suppliers, and customers with real-time access to central Web-based corporate information and exchange. Exact Software solutions provide greater visibility across the organization, maximizing control, productivity and efficiency for the entire value chain.

Exact Software is a division of Exact Holding N.V., located in Delft, the Netherlands, and has its North American headquarters in Andover, MA.

Exact Software's award-winning product line consists of e-Synergy, a Web-based collaboration platform that unifies all resources within an organization – people, knowledge, workflow, financials, logistics and projects – in a single database and interface; Exact Event Manager, a business activity monitoring (BAM) and exception management solution that tracks events and conditions within an organization, allowing corrective measures to be taken before such events may effect business; e-Mobile, a mobile-device application that brings real-time enterprise management capabilities to business leaders anytime, anywhere; Macola ES, a next generation ERP software solution that utilizes native business process management (BPM) tools to allow organizations to define business rules and exceptions as part of a daily routine; the Progression Series, an innovative ERP solution designed to help organizations control inventory, process orders and plan material and resource usage; JobBOSS, a job shop software solution that balances shop workflow to improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability; MAX, an ERP software solution offering complete manufacturing and accounting control in an SQL environment for small to mid-sized businesses; and Alliance/MFG, a material requirements planning (MRP-II) software solution that includes capacity requirements planning, shop floor control and graphical bill of materials in a Microsoft SQL or Access environment. Exact also offers industry specific solutions for the rental, credit management, and field service industries.